Step-by-step guide with tips for Session 101

Preliminary and Supplementary Information
Email participants after session 101, please copy co-facilitator on the email. An example email is provided below. 
Participant's name, Good morning! it was wonderful to see you at the Inclusion Sessions 101 on Sunday. Your presence and participation were appreciated and valued. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the remaining sessions!

Inclusion Sessions are for those who feel ready to get connected and begin serving. Our hope for the I.S. is that after the session's participants would become rooted in Peoples Church so they can make an impact here, in Cincinnati, and around the world. 

A) First Impressions- An icebreaker in which people write their first impressions of Peoples Church on a poster board. 

B) Name and Duration- Next have each person share their name, and how long they have been at P.C.

Show Opening Video
Using a narrator, video will convey ideas via story. "Our Story 101 will help you discover how your story becomes part of our story. Thought That interchange, we help you become rooted in Peoples Church so you can grow, serve and connect with others. 

Tips For Leading Session 101 | Share stories, laugh and have fun. {40 min}

  1. For the “Our Vision & Purpose” sections, give appealing examples of what it means to be: Do not just read the scriptures. 
    • A) racially reconciled, B)  generationally rich, C) life giving, C) thriving in the heart of the city.  
  2. For the "Our Mission section"
    • Love God and all people wholeheartedly. 
  3. For the "Our Story" section do not read line by line; that would be boring. Consider using the white board to draw a time line to communicate the section.  After the “Our Story Section”, allow time for Q&A. 
  4. For the “Your Story” section, use these questions to guide the participants. 
    • Tell us about your faith journey| what are some of your interests |tell us about your role model and why
    • Share as much or as little about your family as you feel comfortable sharing | favorite sitcom, movie or book
    • Option two for the “Your Story Section” The participants share their own time line with ten dates? Interactive*

Closing Remarks {5min}
With a smile, let people know you enjoyed sharing this time with them. Ask new participants to fill out participation form. Returning participants should check off their current week. 

Show Closing Video { 3min}
Tease video for Session 201. Video coming soon. 

Room Reset { 5min}

1. Place Inclusion Session books back into cabinets.

2. Clear tables leaving only the nametag signs on table.

3. Take coffee pots back into two-42 café.