Step-by-step guide with tips for session 201


Preliminary and Supplementary Information 
Email participants after session 201, It please copy co-facilitator on the email. An example email is provided below. 

It was wonderful to welcome new participants and continue the Inclusion Session with everyone returning from session 101. On Sunday, I explained how to take the DISC assessment found in session 301 "Discovery". If the DISC assessment becomes to complicated or overwhelming, feel free to pause. This Sunday Jan and I will be there to help you complete the different sections found in session 301. To assist with the DISC assessment, I will be in the Backstage room about fifteen  minutes prior to our sessions start.

Please remember the DISC questionnaire  is simply an assessment. The assessment will confirm some things you already know and surprise you with other details that you may have not considered.  Enjoy the process knowing that it leads to a greater discovery about yourself. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.  It's going to be a joy to process the insights from the Disc assessment.  Have a blessed day. 

Inclusion Sessions are for those who feel ready to get connected and begin serving. Our hope for the I.S. is that after, people would become rooted in Peoples Church so they can make an impact here, in Cincinnati, and around the world. 

The first person begins by sharing an interesting memory or experience that they have. The other person can tell a related story that has any similar themes or elements to the previous story. 

Show Opening Video:
“Essentials: 201 will get you in the know about everything that makes up People Church.” During this session, you will become familiar with our leadership team as well as learn about our four essential truths, beliefs, and points of passion.

Tips For Leading Session 201 | Allow time for dialogue but keep the session moving {40 min}

  1.  Four Essential Truths
    Do not engage in theological arguments. Affirm persons who differ and refer them to pastors for deep theological questions. Truths” section, in regards to beliefs, make sure you communicate to the participants that “you may not be here yet, but this is what our leadership team believes.” Read statements and respond to questions using scripture.

  • 1. The bible |  2. Jesus | 3. Born again | 4.  Spirit Filled & Spirit lead
  1. Points of Passion
    Read descriptions; it is not necessary to read scripture references. 
    you can also ask participants “what do they think is our points of passion?”

  2. Our leadership & financial structure-read the entirety of this section. 

  • 1. Led by pastors | 2. Strengthened by Leaders | 3. Supported by volunteers | 4 . Protected by board members | 5. Guided by By laws. 
  1. Financial Stewardship section-read the section but focus on bullet points.

  2. Giving Opportunities section-read the entire section. 

  3. What we believe section-read the entire section. 

Closing Remarks {5min} 

With a smile, let people know you enjoyed sharing this time with them.

  1. Explain in detail how to take the DISC assessment, passion assessment and putting it all together section. 
  2. Ask new participants to fill out participation form.
  3. Returning participants should check off their current week. 
  4. Make sure you have week 301 books available to hand out. 

Show Closing Video { 3min}
Tease video for Session 301. Video coming soon. 

Room Reset { 5min}

1. Place Inclusion Session books back into cabinets.

2. Clear tables leaving only the nametag signs on table.

3. Take coffee pots back into two-42 café.