Step-by-step guide with tips for session 301

Preliminary and Supplementary Information 
Email participants after session 301:  Afterreviewing DISC assessment for each participant, invite ministry leader to share during session 401. 

Different each session: Inclusion Sessions are for those who feel ready to get connected and begin serving. Our hope for the I.S. is that after, people would become rooted in Peoples Church so they can make an impact here, in Cincinnati, and around the world.

A) If you could have any carrier in the world what would it be?

B) Share a memory of trying something new that you like or did not like. How did you feel?

Show Opening Video:
Using a narrator, video will convey ideas via story.  Our hope is that you will take a step toward understanding your unique personality and spiritual gifts God has given you, helping to reveal a fulfilling path to your place here at Peoples Church. During this time you will also Learn about our thrive process.

Tips For Leading Session 301 | Allow time for dialogue but keep the session moving {40 min}

Thrive principal section

  1. “Thrive Principal 1 ” Share a recent story in relation to one of seven points found in Acts: 2:42-47.
  2. “Thrive Principal 2” communicate the power of serving together.
  3.   “Thrive Principal 3” Matthew 28:19 and John 15:1-8 being and making life long disciples is essential.

Disc assessment section

  1. allow three minutes for everyone to share his or her two strongest letters.
  2. What surprised them? What was confirmed?
  3. For the “Spiritual Gift Ratings” allow three minutes for everyone to share the five gifts they scored the highest on.
  4. For the “Passion Assessment” section and “Putting It All Together” section have the participants share one thing that stands out to them. 

 Closing Remarks {5min}  
With a smile, let people know you enjoyed sharing this time with them.

  1. Please collect or enter online data from Disc and passion assessment, Spiritual Gift Rating form, and the Putting it all together section.
  2. Based on out comes of passion and all together form, invite appropriate ministry leaders to session 401. (Invite on the following Monday)
  3. Ask new participants to fill out participation form. Returning participants should check off their current week. 

Show Closing Video { 3min}
Tease video for Session 401. Video coming soon.  

Room Reset { 5min} 
1. Place Inclusion Session books back into cabinets.

2. Clear tables leaving only the nametag signs on table.

3. Take coffee pots back into two-42 café.