Step-by-step guide with tips for session 401

Preliminary and Supplementary Information 
Email participants after session Hello friends!  It was a joy to spend time with you in (month) for the Inclusion Sessions. We are praying for each of you as you find your place in Peoples Church with your passions and also find ways to grow in your walk with Christ. Below are the names and emails of those who shared last Sunday (list names). If you would like help connecting with them or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or (pastors name) I also thought of Pastor Petrous as a resource if you would like a mentor or someone to walk with you in discipleship (petros@peopleschurch.co).

Inclusion Sessions are for those who feel ready to get connected and begin serving. Our hope for the I.S. is that after the sessions people would become rooted in Peoples Church so they can make an impact here, in Cincinnati, and around the world.

Computer Ice breaker

Show Opening Video:
Using a narrator, video will convey ideas via story.   During this week of Inclusion our goal is to get you connected! As we near the completion of our Inclusion Session, we hope they have been a catalyst to help you find:  fulfilling place to serve and minister, a church small group for connection, a friend with who to live a life of faith, a path to grow in discipleship and classes.

Tips For Leading Session 401 | Your primary goal is to get participants connected! {40 min}

Thrive Team Introductions: 
The Thrive Team is relatively unknown to the larger part of the body. By definition, the Thrive Team is a group of incredible people who have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. From creating a comfortable environment by serving on the First Impressions Team, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving on the Student Ministries Team-The Thrive Team is passionate about helping people build relationships and discover their place in the Kingdom of God. 

Introduce Thrive Team. Give each person five minutes to talk.

Review leadership team and process for membership section. Distribute handouts.

  • Groups by geographic region
  • Peoples Church Justice Opportunities  

 Closing Remarks {5min}  
With a smile, let people know you enjoyed sharing this time with them. 

  1. Please collect or enter online data from Disc and passion assessment, Spiritual Gift Rating form, and the Putting it all together section.
  2. Based on out comes of passion and all together form, invite appropriate ministry leaders to session 401. (Invite on the following Monday)
  3. Ask new participants to fill out participation form. Returning participants should check off their current week. 

Room Reset { 5min} 
1. Place Inclusion Session books back into cabinets.

2. Clear tables leaving only the nametag signs on table.

3. Take coffee pots back into two-42 café.