United Youth

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United Youth is a great place to connect with one another and with God.  Students learn to grow in Christ as they worship, pray, and serve.  Students are always welcome to come early and hang out in the Blue and Red rooms (a space designed for your student to relax, listen to music, or play X-Box and Wii) before the service. 



To create access, for all students, to Jesus, and His kingdom.


To see a diverse, unashamed group of students live revival.


 Diversity  - We value celebrating our differences and our unique cultural and generational contributions, which enhance and inform the body and the work of Christ.

Sharing the Gospel - We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. We value the teaching, preaching, and sharing of the Word of God and believe in being unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Excellence - What we do, we do well.  We value culture-current relevance and creative expressions.
Collaboration - We believe that partnering with parents is imperative to success.

Involvement of Students  - We believe students should be involved through the expression of their gifts.  We want a hearty attitude of laughter and celebration to be apparent everywhere within our ministry.

Spiritual Growth - The fact that we value spiritual growth may seem obvious, but we want to make sure that our goal is to produce lifelong followers of Jesus.

Relationships - We realize that we earn the right to be heard by first caring about students and then spending time with them.  Spiritual impact often comes via relationships.

Acceptance - We value acceptance and want everyone to feel accepted regardless of appearance, grade-point average, campus status, or accomplishments.

Justice - We value defending the cause of the weak and the fatherless.