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Sunday Classes

Margin (10 sessions)
Taught by Ashley Edelen
Sundays, 9:30AM, starting September 16th
Room 402

Feeling overwhelmed and like you never have enough time to complete your tasks? Feeling like you can never get your health where you want it to be? Or what if you notice that you are always on the emotional edge and you feel yourself being overwhelmed by your emotions? Margin is the space that exists between ourselves and our limits. Join this class as we equip ourselves to create emotional, physical, and financial margin in a world driven by overload. Please purchase Richard A. Swenson’s book on Margin (2004), Amazon price ~$13. To register, e-mail Ashley (

Jesus in Genesis (12 sessions)
Taught by Ron Tolliver
Sundays, 9:30AM, starting September 9th
Room 404

Did you know that when Jesus walked on the water he was fulfilling the Torah (the Law).  Gen 1:2 “…and the Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water” (NKJV).  It was this event, walking on the water, that convinced the disciples he was the Son of God. This is confirmed in Matt 14:25 “…Jesus went to them walking on the sea” and Matt 14:33 “Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him saying, ‘Truly You are the Son of God.’”  Study Genesis with us and you will be studying Jesus.  You will gain an understanding of Genesis from a New Covenant (Testament) perspective.

Anger, Conflict and Forgiveness (8 sessions)
Taught by Cindy Robertson
Sundays, 11:15AM, starting September 9th
Room 402

The feeling of anger is a God-given emotion that prepares us for action and gives us the power to do something.  That is why anger is dangerous—mishandling all that power can hurt others and create havoc. Anger often leads to conflict, and unresolved conflict results in resentment, bitterness and broken relationships. As Christ-followers, forgiveness is not optional. God commands us to forgive because it sets us free and heals relationships. We will gain a Biblical understanding of anger, its causes and purpose, and how to resolve conflict and live in forgiveness and freedom.

Do What Jesus Did (5 sessions)
Taught by Dana Cochran
Sundays, 11:15AM - (September 9, 16, 30; October 7, 14)
Room 404

As followers of Christ, we have the opportunity to live life more like an adventure rather than a to-do list. He always has more in store for those who are willing to connect themselves in a more intimate way. Learning to walk in covenant identity (as a beloved son/daughter of the King) and with kingdom authority (operating out of the power residing inside us) takes time and practice. If you are a person who learns best by doing, this class is for you! 

Wednesday Night Class

IF Women's Class
Facilitated by Linda Diller
Wednedays, 7:00PM, beginning September 19th.
Room 402

A study on God’s Heart for Justice will examine Jesus’ response to issues of justice and our part in meeting the needs of marginalized and exploited humanity. 

Sign up by contacting Linda Diller ( to reserve a journal for $20.