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If you’re newer to following Jesus, or you’ve been around churches for a long time but feel you’ve missed out on some basics, Foundations is designed for you.

Foundations is a cross between a class and a small group. It combines teaching with time to practice what we’re learning. It offers a safe place to share what’s going on in our lives and receive encouragement. We don’t have to feel alone on the journey of faith—let’s do this together!

Four broad topics are covered. Each week we'll look at a different aspect of one topic:

The Bible

Where did it come from? What are different ways to get into it? We’ll cover reading to get an overview, reading meditatively to connect with God, and ways of doing deeper Bible study.


We’ll learn how to pray alone and with others. It can be intimidating to pray out loud with people—this is a place to practice until it’s natural.


As disciples of Jesus, we want to get better at loving one another. We’ll learn practical skills to become better listeners and conflict resolvers.  


We each have a unique place in the kingdom of God. We’ll talk about servanthood, being stewards of what God has given us, and how we can each use our strengths to bless other people. 



The Red Room @ Peoples Church
First 3 Sundays of each month

Newcomers always welcome!

To learn more or sign up, contact Jessica Jones (847-722-5269) or Alex Jones (847-275-9119), or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

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