NEXT Experience

NEXT is a multifaceted leader development plan focused on walking with others to grow in faith and step into a new level of leadership and influence in the Kingdom of God. NEXT is all about your faith, your development, and your story. During the NEXT Experience, we will strip away all the the non-essentials to focus on God.  Join us for the NEXT Experience at Peoples Church on Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. in the two42 Cafe beginning February 22, 2017.  

NEXT is a 12 week journey that is broken down into 4 distinct parts

Part 1: NEXT-Consumed, A journey of Spiritual renewal.
Consumed is the first part of our multifaceted leader development plan called NEXT. Consumed is an experience that was created to invite people on a journey of spiritual renewal.  Every step of the experience was made to draw people closer to God.

Part 3: NEXT-Travel, Living out the great commandment. 
Travel is the third part of our multifaceted leader development plan called NEXT. In regards to the  NEXT travel experience: It’s important for us that all leaders experience international and domestic missions hence, NEXT: Travel is a part of our plan to grow and develop leaders in the Kingdom. This year our in country mission trip will be to New Orleans, and Our International Trip will be determined. .


Part 2: NEXT-Access, Creating access to Jesus.
Access is the second part of our NEXT Experience and it focuses on creating access for all people to God’s Kingdom. It’s a chance to share our faith and joy in Jesus with people at work, at home, at church and in our community.

Part 4: NEXT-Leap, Identifying God-given gifts & leadership abilities.
We’ve broken the Leap experience down into 2 parts. Part 1 Leap Discovery, during this 3 week portion, you’ll gain better understanding of your gifts and talents, as well as a deep analysis of your personality type. Part 2 Leap Weekend, a two day event where you will be taught and led by executive leadership coaches from the church who will equip you to use Christ-like leadership in all facets of your life. Leap Weekend is a chance to take all of the information you’ve learned about God, yourself, and your faith and put it all together! 

Because there is limited space for the NEXT Experience, sign up is required. Click here to sign up for the NEXT Experience.