Our Resources

It's our desire to help resource you in any way.  Below are a few of our resources for you to download; some to purchase and others for free.  To download our resources, please click on the image to the left of the descriptions below.  If you are looking for something else, please feel free to contact us.


Used by the Cincinnati Mosaix Network, Becoming Revelation 7:9 is a booklet of frequently asked questions about the Multi-Ethnic Church.

Questions like:

Why should I be concerned with working toward a multi-ethnic/multicultural presence in my church?

What theological basis exists for this vision of church?

What are the main barriers that exist in pursuing this vision?

Should everyone pursue this vision?

The Listening Sessions were a project done by Peoples Church to hear the needs of the major cultural groups of people in the church.  This project included people from around 30 different nations, divided into six major cultural groups; Asian, African American, Caucasian, East African, West African, and Latino.  Concentrated time was spent understanding what the congregation loved about Peoples Church and what could be changed to see each culture more represented.  These lessons were compiled by TranscendCulture and are very helpful to move your church towards a multicultural experience.  To have a customized Listening Session experience designed for you, contact us; we would love to help.


An eight-week guide to walking, working, and worshiping God together as one.

The Multi-ethnic Christian Life Primer is the first personal devotional and small group study on multi-ethnic life and church designed for people in the pews.  Through this eight-week experience you will grow in your understanding of the biblical mandate for the multi-ethnic church, and gain practical insight for doing life together with diverse others beyond the distinctions of this world that so often and otherwise divide.  Eight chapters (weeks) provide seven daily readings to stimulate personal and missionary formation, focused on Theology, History, Considerations, Relationships, Communication, Competence, and Biblical Reflection. Chapters include: Why Multi-ethnic?; Why Now?; Obstacles to Date; Systemic Issues; What God is Doing;How Should I Respond?; How Should the Church Respond?; and Living a Multi-ethnic Christian Life.

Written by Dr. Mark Deymaz and Oneya Fennell Okuwobi.


One of the most recognized passages in scripture, spoken in 6 different languages. To download this video, go to the Peoples Church Vimeo page by clicking the link above.

KIDS (5yrs. - 5th Grade)

Here are a few of Peeps Children's Ministry original 5yrs - 5th grade kids service lessons along with art files for you to download. If you have any questions about these files or Peeps Children's Ministry, please contact  derek@peopleschurch.co.

The life and story of Jonah are a whale of a tale.

The Bible is full of Epic stories. Here are the kids service notes

The Bible is full of Epic stories. Here are the art files Part 2

The Bible is full of Epic stories. Here are the art files Part 1

Everyone wants to be a hero. Welcome to Hero City and a look at some of the greatest heroes in the Bible.

We are all aliens in a strange land. Welcome to Alienology.