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Welcome to our Peoples Church Blog

Posted: February 27, 2015

Welcome to our Peoples Church blog. 

This spot is where we will share, muse, lament and celebrate as we offer our discoveries, failings, successes and experiences from our journey together from an ethnic and socio-economically homogeneous church toward becoming a racially-reconciling, generationally rich, “crossonomic” and life-giving church thriving in Cincinnati’s core.

We like to call this whole experience, Church like Heaven.

Thanks for visiting our blog.  We hope your vision of the Church of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom experiences surprising shifts.   Like how studying Scripture reveals new facets of God and His ways every day, we are finding that so does pressing into the reality of all nations Church on earth, as we believe He envisions it, and her united engagement of society through His Name.

Along the way you’ll read entries from across the spectrum of our Peoples Church team.  Each one brings years of experience and courage to learning, living and leading church like heaven.  I thank God for each of their lives, perspectives and contributions.  Isn’t it one of the extraordinary graces from following Jesus the many new family members He adds to our lives?  Imagine the exponential jump, in that rich gift alone, as through Christ we embrace each other from all ethnic, class and generational backgrounds and cultures.  (Kind of boggles my mind! : )  The multiple and diverse contributors at this blog site will give you a taste of that blessing.

Enjoy this ride together with us.  And please, along the way share with us your discoveries and “yeah God!” stuff from every tribe, tongue, nation and peoples Church too!

Chris Beard
Lead Pastor
Peoples Church