About Small Groups

As our vision to be a racially reconciling, generationally rich, and life giving church continues to unfold, we believe that ongoing small group communities can have a big impact on the expression of our vision.  In these small group communities, you'll have the opportunity to learn and live the Kingdom with those who are different from you. This is important because we all have a perspective of who God is and what we have learned from following Christ. When we put these different perspectives together, we can reflect the vast wisdom of God and live together as one new humanity. 

Beyond that, your small group community quickly will become a place where others don't just know your name, they know your story and care about whats happening in your life. You'll laugh, have fun and make a difference.  Click here to find or register to be  a part of a Peoples Church small group. Questions? Contact us at grant@peopleschurch.co