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If you have never led a small group before, it's simple; hosting a small group is about serving others by offering them a place to learn and live the Kingdom together. If you love people and enjoy fun enriching times with others, your can host a small group. Fill out the form below to get started as a host.

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If hosting, what city/suburb will the group be hosted at. If facilitating with a host home , do you have a preferred city/suburb?
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Start Date
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Getting on the same page
If you are part of an existing small group- Think about how your group-or the last group you were in-Typically operates. What, if anything, do you hope to see change or group?
If you are part of an existing small group-When do you feel like your small group is at it's best?
If you are hosting a small group, think of about three-five people you would like to invite .
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If necessary, I commit to completing the membership process at Peoples Church within 60 days.